• Bringing Augmented Reality to books!
  • 3D Coloring Books – Coloring book characters rise up in 3d as a reward to the children’s accomplishment.
  • 3D Activity Books – Activity books come to life with Augmented Reality.
  • Immersive 3D Books – Kids can immerse themselves in their favorite characters and share pictures & videos.
  • 3D Storytelling – Recreate scenes from the book using beautiful 3d animations and effects.
  • 3D Puzzles – Add new life to puzzles using AR. A fun rewarding way to interact with puzzles
  • 3D Flash Cards – Flashcards can be augmented with 3d characters to make learning more fun!
  • Gamification – AR makes gaming very user-friendly and interesting!
  • Augmented Reality Selfies – Take selfies with the character and post on Facebook. Great for promotions!
  • AR Toy Scanning – Complete the assembly and then Scan the toy to see it come to life!

Checkout our Augmented Reality Demo videos

Color Me – Augmented Reality Coloring Book
Handcrafted Digital storytelling – ITI’s India Adventures

The Color Me app demo is a fun and innovative idea that brings coloring books to life using Augmented Reality. This demo is a culmination of our love for Minions and Augmented Reality. Children can add any colors to the minion drawings. Once they are done with the coloring, parents can download the app and scan the image to view the creations in 3d in the children’s colors! A perfect reward for children and an excellent use case for integrating AR in children’s books.

This video is an Augmented Reality implementation of the Little ITI book. Little ITI travels across the globe in her dreams and visits animals from different places. Using Augmented reality we have enhanced the reading experience for kids by recreating the scenes in 3d. Users can download the Junaio app, and scan different pages of the book to view the 3d recreations of the scenes. A fun and interactive experience for kids.

We are bringing Augmented reality to books!

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